How to integrate with Jenkins

Configure your APIs in Vooki

Generate the scan command by using GUI

Generating the scan command is always a difficult task. To make this task easier, Vooki provides the user interface to generate the scan command, based on your option.

To generate the command, follow these steps:

  • Right-Click on the project/API and click on the and click Command Line.
  • Now select options based on your requirement.
  • Copy the scan command generated based on your selection.

Create a jenkins job

To use the scan command, follow these steps:

  • Once you have Jenkins running, the next step is to create a new job. In Jenkins, a job is basically a set of steps and commands that describe how to build and deploy your application.
  • On your Jenkins dashboard, click Create a job.
  • Configure your new job by adding a name, and select Freestyle project as the type:

Jenkins build step

With a Jenkins job created, you can now add a build step. This build step will execute a shell or windows command that calls the post deploy testing script.

  • In your Jenkins project dashboard, click Add build step and select the Execute shell option or windows batch command
  • Once you click, “Execute windows batch command”, the text area will appear. Paste the command copied from Vooki and save it.

Run a job on Jenkins

To run this job, click on Build now, Scan will be started.

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