Powerful Web Application Vulnerability Scanner

  • Free Dynamic Security Scanner
  • Scans Web Application and Rest API
  • Provides Vulnerability Details
  • Generates Vulnerability Report
  • Available in Windows
  • Easy to use



Vooki is a free web application vulnerability scanner. Vooki is a user-friendly tool that you can easily scan any web application and find the vulnerabilities. Vooki includes Web Application Scanner, Rest API Scanner, and reporting section.

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VIPER is a free Swift Security Code Analyser. VIPER can identify the vulnerability in the swift code. It quickly scans and gives the detailed report of the vulnerabilities. Also provides the data flow and gives recommendations to the identified vulnerabilities.

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Prithvi is a Report Generation Tool for Security Assessment. We can add Owasp Types and recommendation with details, and we can add Multiple Projects and multiple vulnerabilities on different projects.

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XVNA is an Extreme  Vulnerable Web Application that helps to learn application security attacks and it helps the developers to understand the processes of securing applications and It’s totally legal to break or hack into this. It is a great way to challenge and improve your hacking skills and web security knowledge.

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