Yaazhini APK Scanner

Steps to perform APK Scan

Initial Steps

Initial steps to start the scan are as follows:

  • Choose the APK Scanner.
  • Enter the project name and choose the APK file, then click on Upload & Scan.
  • Scan will start immediately and after the scan is completed you can see vulnerabilities of the APK file, other details.
  • We can also start the new scan by clicking the File on the main then clicking on New Project

View Code

To the view source code of the scanned apk follow these steps:

  • After the scan is completed, we can see the source code of the APK file by visiting the tab View Code
  • On the click of scan you will get 3 pop up, provide input in all of them.
  • We can also search for any text in the source code or download the source code by Right-click on the source code tree and click on Download.

Report Generation

To generate the report follow these steps:

  • Right-click over the scanned APK file and click Generate Report.
  • This will generate the report in the html format.
  • Save the file in your preferred location.

Other details

We can see the following details of the APK file

  • Linked URL's
  • Libraries
  • Permissions
  • Activities
  • Receivers
  • Services
  •     Installation
  • API Scanner