How to use

Steps to perform Vooki REST Scan

Add New Project

To add the new project in the application follow these steps

  • Go to main menu and click on the New Project.
  • After the project got created, you can rename based on your need and add new request to it.

Add New Request

To add the new request to the project follow these steps

  • Right click on the Project you created and then click on the New Request.
  • After the new request is created you can rename it based on your need.
  • You can also add some more folder to the project based on your requirement.
  • Enter the correct details in the request like URL, headers and request body etc.

How to start scan

To scan the project/request we need to follow these steps.

  • To scan the single request, right-click the desired request and click on the Scan to start the scan.
  • To scan the whole project, right-click on the project and click on Scan, this will start scanning all the REST API inside it.

Single Request Report

Once the scan is completed, we will be able to see the Generate Report option.

To generate the report of the single request follow these steps:

  • Right click on the single request and click Generate Report.
  • This will Generate Report for that particular request.

Project Report

To generate the report follow these steps :

  • Right click on the project and choose the type of report from Generate Report.
  • This will generate the report of the all the scanned URL present in the project.
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